Thank you for visiting our website. Saints and Sinners ATL is Atlanta’s newest high end Tattoo and Piercings Studio Opened in March 2016! We are located at 1002 Duluth Hwy, Lawrenceville. We specialize in quality custom tattoos by artists Amanda Mariscal and Junior ABC. If you are looking for a cool Custom Tattoo, Full Sleeve to small butterflies, or if you have some ugly, old outdated Tattoo you want to redo or cover-up then you have found the right place.
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The Aritsts:


Originally from Houston Texas, Amanda moved to Georgia as a teenager and attended high school and Art school in Atlanta. Amanda has been drawing all her life. She landed an apprenticeship with Alex Guma in 2007, where she learned the art of tattooing and practiced for a year and a half before she graduated to artist status. She mostly enjoys working on black and gray illustrative pieces, but also likes to work on portraits as well.


Junior Aguila

Houstonian native relocated to Atlanta and calling it home. Jr Aguila has always gravitated to drawing and painting since a child. Worked 9 to 5 jobs but never gave up a career in the arts. He bounced from shop to shop in search for a formal apprenticeship and luckily came across the opportunity to work with Amanda. Quickly developed a great friendship, and an apprenticeship soon followed. Major works have always been in black and gray, but with an illustrative background Jr loves to create colorful custom work.