I've been getting work done by Amanda for years and have known her since she was an apprentice. Not only is she an amazing tattoo artist but she is a true artist. I can go to her with an idea and she will draw something up for me that is absolute perception. She knows me that well. Her lines are super clean and her details impeccable.

I literally cannot say enough about Amanda. She is phenomenal and I would and DO recommend her to everyone.


Shannon Everett

I met Amanda almost ten years ago when a friend randomly wanted to go get matching ink. This little lady made a BIG impression! Super cool! Super chill! Super cute! That first session was fun, more than anything else. She definitely made a lasting first impression. Flash-forward a couple years i decided to get a new piece to mark an important life milestone so I called Amanda up. I told her the words i wanted and she whipped something up free hand. Came out great! After that session I decided to have more done maybe a year later, but went to someone more convenient to where i was living. Long story short... I would fly to another state just to have Amanda as my artist! The other dude wasn't bad but he wasn't invested in the work he did for me and making appointments to get the work finished was a hassle. So i went back to Amanda! She not only finished the other artists work but gave it new life and made it her own! Since then she's done a full back piece, quarter sleeve, and we are about to finish the sleeve. I WOULDN'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I've taken other friends to her and the results are never less than impressive! She can match any style and her ability to rock out the tiniest of details blows my mind every time! DEFINITELY TRUST SUCH A PERMANENT DECISION TO THIS GIRL! She's a total bad ass! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Brandon Lee